5 - 8 Classroom



Assist. Principal & Upper Grades (5-8) Teacher: Mr. John G. Williams

Bay Knoll School welcomes John G. Williams as our 2017-18 Upper Grades (5-8) teacher. John worked with Bay Knoll School in 2015-16 school year as our Title 1 teacher in the Upper Grades classroom and we are glad to have him back. Please help us welcome him!

My name is John G. Williams and I am passionate about Christian education. I have been a teacher for more than 20 years and nine of those years have been spent in Adventist schools. I believe that an Adventist school is one of the institutions that provides our children with instructions that develop their spiritual and moral aptitude as well as their mental and physical capacities. Adventist educational institutions function to preserve our civilization by instilling elements of our culture and our values in succeeding generations. Adventist teachers are tasked with the responsibility of providing spiritual virtues, coping skills, and problem solving skills that enable our children to function in society as a result of applying the knowledge they acquire and service to their creator. The Christ-centered instructions
taught in Adventist institutions provide to our children values and skills that enable them to become productive citizens in this world and it prepares them for the world to come. I look forward to being a part of a team that relies on the power of the Holy Spirit to promote these qualities in our children.

Teacher: Mr. John Williams