As a ministry of the Bay Knoll Church, the Bay Knoll School Board is made-up of Bay Knoll Church members voted by the church nominating committee and lay church members. This board holds open board meetings open to the public four times a year - see dates on the school calendar.


  1. Howard Krug (Board Chair)
  2. Pr. Martin Zelaya (Bay Knoll Church Pastor)
  3. Bob Gerhlein (Treasurer)
  4. Sherrita Hope (Home and School Leader)
  5. Cassandra Murray
  6. Millie Shepler
  7. Glen Kowski
  8. Brenda Zelaya
  9. Elijah Krug
  10. Sue Kingman (Secretary)




As part of the larger Seventh-day Adventist Educational system, school boards retain considerable power and influence affecting the respective schools they serve. Yet, local school boards are not autonomous and are required to comply with local Conference, Union, and North American Division policies. In instances where working policies of the local Conference, Union, or division are silent, the local school board can exercise discretion to act, filtering and shaping action through the school’s philosophy and mission.

The primary functions of the school board are to:

  • Ensure the implementation of policies and plans of the Conference Office of Education.
  • Develop a clear, practical set of objectives in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education.
  • Cooperate with the local Conference Office of Education in recommending to the Conference Board of Education the hiring of certificated staff.

Develop policies in areas of local concern such as:

  • Use of school property
  • Facilities, equipment and maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Tuition and/or other methods of support
  • Admissions (in accordance with state and conference guidelines)
  • Textbook purchases
  • Technology (acceptable use, filtering, etc.)
  • Criteria for selection of media materials
  • Dress and social behavior
  • Transportation schedules and routes

Support the principal or head teacher in school administration including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Teacher load
  • Implementation of board policies
  • Ratify or modify the recommendations of the school administration in cases of serious discipline. Serve as the ultimate authority in the dismissal of students. Consideration of student dismissal shall occur in executive session.
  • Support the Home and School Association.
  • Keep official minutes of each meeting of the board and subcommittees. File one copy of the board minutes with the Conference Office of Education. Academy boards are to file copies of minutes with the Union and Conference Offices of Education.